IPGT Range Extender

The IPGT Range Extender is an on-vehicle, ultra-low emissions, multi-fuel battery charger.
An enabler that delivers the benefits of electric trucks with the capabilities of existing vehicles.
By charging on-vehicle, on-the-go, electric drive vehicles with the IPGT Range Extender installed require fewer batteries, yet, are able to go as far, carry as much, and cost the same as existing diesel powered vehicles, but crucially reduce GHG, and pollutant emissions by up to 71% and 96%, respectively.


There are 300 Million commercial vehicles on the road globally, almost all internal combustion engines. Hybrid electric opportunity is massive.

Emission reducing technologies may be ready at 2050, but we need solutions that deliver today.

IPG Transport will enable wide spread delivery of ultra-low emissions hybrid electric trucks in the early 2020.